Case Management Services & Alternate Dispute Resolution

As businesses grow and cross borders, disputes become complex, and involve multiple jurisdictional understanding of laws, coupled with an indepth understanding of the business involved.

Our understanding of the business operations and involvement with the key stakeholders ensures that we give real time early warning signals of potential litigation to our clients, which at times help in taking correction / conciliatory actions leading to huge savings in potential litigation costs. The philosophy is that the client’s commercial and business interests are paramount.

Our forte is providing effective case management support, including advise on alternate dispute resolution mechanisms, selecting the right forum for raising the dispute, finding an appropriate local lawyer to represent the matter before the Hon’ble Courts, developing case strategies, for domestic and cross border disputes.

Our approach to commercial disputes is both practical as well as legal. We have experience in all types of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, ranging from arbitration, structured settlement discussions, mediation and expert determination.
We believe in tracking cases on a real time basis to avoid costs saving by ensuring complete control over the proceedings.