Franchising, Licensing & Distribution Arrangements

Franchising is a widespread business method worldwide, and especially in the Gulf region.

Whether you are a potential or existing franchisor or a franchisee, we at Global CLPs are here to assist you in your endeavours. Considering the important legal and commercial factors is vital before signing on the dotted line.

We assist our clients in identifying their expansion goals - domestic as well as international, devising appropriate strategies, and adopting a commercial and practical approach to achieve their aims, especially keeping in mind the unfamiliarity of the new jurisdiction as well as new partner.

We offer expert advice, hand holding the clients - Franchisees, Franchisors, Brand owners, Distributors, Hotel Owners and Operators - from the inception of the ideas right through the Franchise process, including corporate due diligence, business planning, revenue channels, tying up for product & market surveys, franchise structuring, non-binding as well as definitive legal documentation, with special emphasis on jurisdictional and non-compliance issues, exit avenues, etc.

The expertise includes assisting in business and product evaluation, drafting negotiating and finalizing a host of legal documents including Letters of Intent, Franchise Agreements, Distribution agreements, Hotel Management Agreement, Franchise Manuals, IPR Protection, etc. and dealing with a variety of jurisdictions and legal practitioners across various continents.

We offer customised solutions based on a mix of various modules to include:
- Franchising
- Licensing
- Distribution arrangements
- Joint Ventures, etc.

We boast of having worked with some of the renowned international brands, regional brands, as well as small sized brands making their first foray to test waters in the market. The ideology behind our endeavours is to ensure that the relationship is found on mutual faith, thereby minimising the risk of disagreements leading to disputes.

Our experience covers a number of sectors including:
- Food and beverage
- Retail and Hospitality
- Family entertainment and Leisure
- Fitness, Wellness and Healthcare
- Services